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Change Over daysWe have no fixed changeover days except in peak season. In July and August the changeover days are:
Paxos - any day from Friday to Monday
Kefalonia & Ithaca - Saturday or Sunday
Symi - Wednesday or Saturday
If your first choice is unavailable, try entering alternative dates, or email us for more information.


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Special Interest

  • Flights
  • Transfers

There is now an excellent range of flights available from the UK to the Greek islands, better than at any time in the history of leisure travel to Greece. When Travel à la carte decided ten years ago to offer complete flexibility of arrival and departure days at our villas in Greece, there was nothing like the same volume and variety of flights. Now not only can you fly to the major island airports from places as far apart as Bournemouth and Aberdeen but from some UK bases there are daily or almost daily scheduled services to hubs like Corfu and Rhodes and even to smaller airports like Kefalonia.

New services are being added all the time. This year, in a major step, BA have introduced a summer service to Corfu from London Heathrow, the first time travellers to Corfu, Paxos and Epirus have been able to fly there from the UK's main airport since the 1980s. Elsewhere, easyJet have increased their flights to Rhodes from Gatwick to a daily service from mid-July onwards, while to Kefalonia easyJet flies six days a week in peak season.

So it getting easier and easier to reach the quieter, less crowded Greek destinations which Travel à la carte specialises in. Our main island, Paxos, is now extremely well served by Corfu, as is nearby Epirus on the mainland. Symi, a couple of hours on the boat from Rhodes in the eastern Aegean, is becoming steadily less complicated to reach as the frequency and range of flights to Rhodes increase. And Kefalonia,, where until recently a few charter carriers ruled the roost, is now a much easier destination for the independent traveller to holiday in.

You will find information about all the flights to our destinations, or to the airports nearest to them, on our special information site. Just click on the Flights tab at the top and follow the links on the drop down menus. All the currently available flights from every airport in the UK, and some outside the UK, are listed there. Next to the information for each airport you will find links to the websites of the airlines that fly to your Greek destination, so all you need to do to book your flights is follow the link to the airline you want. Nowadays it is very straightforward, and very secure, to book your seats directly on line, in fact the airlines prefer you to do it that way. We will hold your accommodation for you for 48 hours to give you time to book your flights without the risk of losing your chosen villa.


If you book holiday accommodation on Paxos or Symi with Travel à la carte, you may of course make your own arrangements for travel between Corfu and Paxos, or Rhodes and Symi (in which case we shall be happy to provide you with information about the various transport options) or you may like to take advantage of our many years of experience as a well-established tour operator on these islands and book our full meet and greet service, which includes all transfers. 

Neither Paxos nor Symi has its own airport, which means that the onward journey to both is by taxi and ferry. Having someone to meet you at the airport and arrange all your transfers can therefore a real help, especially if you are a first-time visitor. Transport connections to both Paxos and Symi are usually fairly reliable but sometimes ferries and hydrofoils can be cancelled due to bad weather, particularly in early and late season; they can also occasionally be affected by industrial disputes. We work very closely with local transport operators and so are in a much better position to make alternative arrangements for you in the event of such disruption. 

Our accommodation on Symi is within walking distance of the port but to reach our accommodation on Paxos you will need a taxi, unless you have pre-booked a hire car. As there are only five taxis on Paxos, booking our transfer service means you can relax in the knowledge that there will be a taxi to meet you when you arrive at the port and also one to take you back there at the end of your holiday. If you do not have a pre-booked taxi, you will often have a long wait for a transfer to your accommodation. You may also have difficulty in booking a taxi to take you from your accommodation back to the port at the end of your holiday.

Our transfer/meet and greet service includes   

● all transportation between Corfu airport and your accommodation on Paxos, or between Rhodes airport and your accommodation on Symi, on both the outward and return journeys
● someone to meet you at the airport, arrange your taxi to the port and give you your pre-booked ferry/hydrofoil tickets 
● someone to meet you on arrival on Paxos or Symi, pre-book a taxi to your accommodation on Paxos, or transfer of your luggage to your accommodation on Symi 
● someone to make all arrangements on Paxos or Symi for your return journey to the airport at the end of your stay
If you would like to purchase our meet and greet service, please indicate this at the time of booking. If you have already made your booking, please contact us, either by email or by telephone (0044 (0)207 316 1867).
For both Paxos and Symi, the meet and greet service costs £95 per adult, £75 per child aged 4 to 11 and £25 per child under 4.